Siobhan McEwan – Goddess of Justice


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Siobhan McEwan - Goddess of Justice

I felt like making a little character profile.
Siobhan is at least a couple of billion years old, no one knows how old exactly.
She is a goddess, and she rules over justice.
Despite her gothic appearance, she’s a nice and quiet, but cheerful girl.
She is very optimistic in the human race, but gets bored watching over the world a bit too easy sometimes (Hence the picture)
She’s good friends with most of the other dieties, and even if people are unjust, she forgives them easily.


do you know that feeling…

When your whole day has been bringing you down, just because of one single call?
Well that’s how I feel today, I want to¬† bash a certain someone’s head in for being so unbelievable stupid, I really don’t want to deal with it anymore.

But if I don’t deal, I won’t get my own place to live… just great….

Of course I am not going to bash anyone’s head in, this person is definitely not worth getting sent to jail for, no one really is, and I am not actually a psycho ^_^; Just a bit angry and frustrated today really.

But then I hugged my dolls and everything felt just a little better ^_^

Apart from that I haven’t got much to do, however I think I shall take more doll pictures tomorrow if the weather is okay